Training: Unlimited and Self-Paced

Training can often be associated with long boring seminars or meetings. Not at TA4Life AGENT. Our training program is considered by many travel experts to be the best in the industry. Mark Jacobs (Managing Director), who sits on the Advisory Boards of both Carnival and Norwegian Cruise lines, is regarded as the top trainer in the Travel Industry. He had created a training program that brings fun back and allows new agents to better understand the ins and outs of being a travel agent. With his guidance you will feel like a seasoned Travel Agent in a very short time.

The best part is it's fun because you are learning about travel and how to make people's dreams come true. In a sense you are going to be a Memory Doctor because you will be creating lifelong memories. Some of the types of training we will be offering are:

Training Manual

The TA4Life Training Manual will be your guide to travel information. Its very comprehensive and includes information such as vendor (cruise line, resort and hotel) descriptions, selling techniques, ideas for marketing, qualifying questions, how to book travel and other general travel agent information.

We have both live and taped webinars you can attend. We offer them at different times to ensure we can reach as many agents as possible. There are few types of webinars.
Supplier Webinars
The exciting live webinars are directly from our suppliers (Disney, Carnival etc..) they are upbeat and very interactive. You will learn all about their products, services, websites, destinations and more. We offer these weekly.
weekly Q&A's
We know that agents will always have great questions and we want to answer them. We feel that many of these questions are good for the other agents to hear. "So we have weekly Q&A's that have an open forum. Mark Jacobs usually hosts these webinars and answers questions on anything from How can I close a specific sale?" to "What is the best place to send our clients for vacation?" This is a great place to learn, talk to other agents and ask anything that comes to mind.
New Agent Webinars
New agents can attend our New Agent Webinars that break down the basics of what being a travel agent is all about. These are open forum and you can ask questions about the program. The point of these is to say hello and get our new agents feeling comfortable. It's just a great place to start.
Have a question? Just give us a call 888-824-5433
Vendor Websites

As a travel agent you will have access to all the industries Travel Agent websites. Companies like Royal Caribbean and other vendors offer a huge amount of product training and support directly on their travel agents websites. You can earn certificates and bonuses for finishing different programs. Since you have access to these websites you can complete as many of these programs as you like.

Vendor Websites
Nothing beats learning about a product more than actual using it. These are hosted by the cruise lines and as a TA4Life agent we have a lot of choices to choose from. These are also great for getting out and meeting other agents and industry leaders.
TA4Life Agents Hosted Live Events
Yes, we even travel the country and host training sessions. These training events will consist of actual vendor training, selling lectures, Q&A'A and much more. They are usual hosted at beautiful resorts and feature top industry experts.
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