getting started

All new agents will receive an online Welcome Kit and Getting Started video. The Getting Started video will cover the basics of navigating your website, how to book travel, finding our training manuals, our live training schedules, theme travel aspects and more. Our programs are built so it's easy for a brand new agent to use but offers more dynamic options for our more veteran agent.

"Starfish" Support
Our support team at TA4 Life are called "Starfish" because they are truly STARS. They recognized that in order for us to be successful we need to help make you successful. That's why, with the help of Mark Jacobs (Industry training expert), we have put together a team of "Starfish" that far exceeds anything in the industry. Our Starfish are here to answer any questions and guide you through the program. Whether it is assistance in simply booking travel or helping you to create a large group event, we are always there for our agents. Our "Starfish" support is available via email, live chat or just pick up the phone and call us.
New Agent Starfish
Knowing that new agents may need some immediate help with booking and getting started we have our "New Agent Starfish". They are dedicated to making sure you are comfortable and ready to book travel. New Agent Starfish are key to our solid foundation; they help you be better now so you can be great forever.
Groups Starfish
Group travel is the fastest growing segment in the travel industry. Our Group Starfish will help you create ideas and answer all your group related questions. They will assist you in opening groups and can make sure you follow all the correct procedures. Furthermore, our Groups Starfish will help you find creative ways to make your group travel event a trip of a lifetime.
Let us answer any questions.
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"Marketing and Social Media"
TA4Life Agents understands the value of good marketing. That's why we have created a marketing program that gives our agents an advantage over the rest of the industry. Some of those advantages include:
* Facebook, Twitter and Social Media training and support
We will teach you how to set up your Social Media so your friends and family will always see your new travel specials and deals. Our subtle approach is appealing and a proven success.
* TA4LIFE Agents online marketing store
This gives you immediate access to custom business cards, logos, magnets, calendars etc. All branded with your TA4LIFE Agents logo. It makes it easy for you to get those tools that are so important to getting your name out.
* Leads, leads and more leads
CruisingAgents and Tripology have partnered to bring our agents the best in lead generation. You can instantly be talking to new clients. YES - this is a FREE program to join and the lead cost averages around $4 a lead. See below.
* Google ADWords Campaign
Nobody is a bigger partner than Google and they should be part of any travel agent success plan. We have created a GOOGLE program that makes this very easy for our agents. We will actually build your local campaigns for you, give you 90 days of free optimization support and then load it with $125 of BONUS advertising cash. With Google and CruisingAgents your travel business will be flying soon.
* V-Com Engagement Program
As a prestigious Inner Circle Member with, the world's largest vacation consortium, our agents are part of their Engagement Program. This program delivers relevant and timely special offers to clients through professionally-designed mailed brochures and targeted emails. The program is free -just pay for any postage.
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