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Do you have a video that explains your system?
If you haven’t already watched it, you can view a short video presentation of our Travel Agent Portal.
Is TA4Life like one of those MLM companies?
Absolutely not! TA4Life is a full-service host travel agency dedicated to training and developing our network of professional travel agents.

All of the tools, training and support are geared toward assisting our nearly 3,000 agents sell more travel. TA4Life does not reward nor encourage recruitment of other travel agents.
How long does it take to get started?
Once you complete our Online Application, you are generally only a few hours away from being able to start making travel reservations.

When we receive your application, we begin setting up your online Agent Portal and retail website. Once you are set up and linked with our accounting system, we will send you a confirmation email with your username and log-in instructions. Then you will begin your training.
How and where do I get customers?
While we do not give customers or “leads” to new agents, we instead teach you (as part of our marketing training) how to develop your own clientele. In our “How to Market Your Agency” training, we go in-depth on how to find and build a clientele with little to no expenditures.

Most new agents will begin by selling to their friends and family, building out from there to their warm markets. This includes neighbors, co-workers, associates, alumni, and other groups of people with whom they associate.

Our company’s strategy has been to provide our agents with the highest commission payouts so that they have the funds to advertise or buy leads if they choose to do so.
How do I make money as a travel agent?
When you make travel bookings for yourself or your clients, our travel suppliers will pay a commission on the travel sale amount. The exact commission percentage can vary between 3% and 20%, with the average being around 14%. Whatever commission we receive, we pay you 50% or 80%... depending on Casual/Professional Program
How much money can I make as a travel agent?
We get asked this question a lot. Building a travel business requires hard work and time, but it can be very rewarding and profitable. TA4Life has agents that book travel for themselves and family members and make a few hundred dollars of extra income.

We also have agents that work at this full time and make over $10,000 a month. There is no standard, as everybody works at his or her own pace.
Will I be able to compete with internet travel companies?
Usually this question is phrased, “Are your prices competitive?” and the answer is, “Of course!” Our company and business model is one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry.

In fact, according to the American Society of Travel Agents’ 2011 Agency Profile Report, the portion of agents that are home-based grew by 328% since 2003! Our agents have access to everything that any other agent or company would have, plus much more.

Many of our travel suppliers will price match and you will have access to rates that are not available to the public. If you have customers that prefer to book travel online, they can do that from your MyTA4Life website.
What are FAM trips and are they available to me?
A FAM (Familiarization) trip is usually sponsored by a particular supplier for the purpose of agent training. A FAM trip allows you to tour popular resorts and visit destinations at some of the lowest prices available.

These trips often help our agents increase their sales because after they have visited a particular resort or destination, they are able to share their firsthand experience with their clients.

Because of TA4Life’s strong relationships with our preferred suppliers, we frequently offer FAM opportunities to our agents.

Recent Example #1: FAM Trip to the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas

• Included two nights accommodations for two, reception with appetizers, breakfast, dinner and a show.

• TA4Life Agent cost – $0.00 per person

Recent Example #2: FAM Trip to Cancun with Apple Vacations

• Included airfare, lodging, all meals, drinks, transfers and guides.

• TA4Life Agent cost – $249.00 per person (plus tax)

Recent Example #3: 7-Night Caribbean Cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines out of Miami

• All cruise fees and taxes included

• TA4Life Agent cost – $347.00 per person

In order to receive some discounts and participate in certain FAMs, you need to have either a CLIA or IATAN identification card. Both cards are available to TA4Life Agents who qualify for the respective cards.

Can I get discounts on my own travel?
As an agent with TA4Life, you will have access to information that is not necessarily available to the general public. If you are flexible on your dates and destinations, you can travel at very affordable rates. (Example: Recently we had a promotion for a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise for just $210 per person!)

These types of savings are generally associated with FAM trips and are made available to agents for the purpose of training.

While discounted travel is one of the many perks of being a travel agent, TA4Life does not permit individuals to participate in our program solely for the purpose of obtaining discounts on personal travel.
Do I receive an ID card from TA4Life?
We DO NOT issue a “travel agent” ID card because these cards are not recognized by travel suppliers.

Instead, we work closely with each agent to help them obtain their IATAN and CLIA ID cards. These are the ONLY truly recognized ID cards in the industry. Keep in mind that an ID card is not necessary to sell travel as a travel agent.
How do I get an IATAN card?
We follow the IATAN guidelines for issuing the ID cards. IATAN requires that you be “IATAN Listed” for a minimum of six months. To get listed, we require that you have earned at least one commission check from TA4Life.

The second requirement is that you are on track to earn a minimum of $5,000 in gross commissions in the previous twelve (12) months.

Since our agents earn some of the highest commissions in the industry, they are able to earn their IATAN card much faster.
How do I get a CLIA card?
In order to apply for your CLIA card you must meet Cruise Line International Association Requirements.

TA4Life has an entire support section devoted to assisting our agents get the CLIA identification card as fast as possible.

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